Human resources in Romania is characterized by versatility, a large working population available with a high level of preparation, creativity, initiative capacity, with a variety of skills. Below are just some of the advantages of using labor to start or develop a business

  • Skilled labor force , with solid knowledge in technology, IT and engineering

  • Skilled labor in areas such as construction, agriculture

  • Extensive retraining programs

  • Companies that create at least 20 jobs will receive from the state the equivalent of half the total wages and salaries

  • The education system supports training and applied continuous employment.

  • The new Labour Code promising local labor market flexibility.

  • According to studies , the employer receives from the state amounts between 500 and 750 lei for each graduate who employs

  • It has an advanced educational system ( 91 universities, 1,400 high schools, 11,700 schools)

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