A long-term plan for starting a business requires knowledge of potential customers that consumption needs are met, which is the competitive advantage that supports business success and most importantly, its place in a particular market. To maximize business success must be identified and promoted differentiation element of the business. This gives competitive advantages and loyalty relationship with trading partners by:

-adapting products and services to customer requirements,
-reduced delivery time,
-optimize the ratio between price and quality,
-providing after-sales services,
-permanent online support.
It is therefore important for the business to be a success, as the first steps in establishing a company to be guided by specialized consultants to identify and develop a business plan and a good knowledge of the steps to take:

Preliminary assessment
Knowing the market and competition
Testing the application
Designing business model and strategic directions
Establishing operational details
Planning staff
Achieving financial projections
Drawing financing strategy
Preparing a business plan
Planning future activities










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