The concept and principles of operation of the Business Incubator is based on supporting the development of innovative enterprises at the beginning of the activity . Incubated businesses are housed in an incubator for a period of timp. Any business, in terms of development time, has a period of initiation, a period of maturation , a developmental period , a period of stagnation and a period of loss . Throughout this period the business is always sensitive and always subject to possible distortion and disappearance . Along with providing logistical support needed to start business , Business Incubator organizes trainings, assist in achieving business strategies or writing projects for attracting finance and facilitate participation in the creation of functional networks . In addition, it provides a strong promotion in the online environment by creating websites dedicated to each activity and advertising campaigns together with the aim of making known hosted business. All of these are designed to support the development of companies , so that it can reach a level of stability and autonomy to enable them leaving Incubator and functioning on their own, with increased opportunities to face the competitive environment and survive in the long term!