Business Centre, promotion, counseling, writing and implementing european projects

The project that we built creates a bond between people who want to transform an idea into a business, or to upgrade and develop existing business and the information and support needed for success.

The centre is designed to provide information from various fields and institutions, to create a link between the beneficiary and the accredited agencies/ institutions, to use the expertise of specialists in implementation of the business plan for your project eligibility and viability to grow considerably.

We support any initiative for accessing a European funded project from advice and project writing to the effective implementation of the business plan!

We are interested to work with both state and private institutions that can contribute to the development of this centre. The main benefits of this collaboration are:

a) The transfer of information and knowledge for the benefit of individual projects and principal projects to provide the raw material market and bring added value to converging projects.

b ) Simplify the relationship and communication between applicants for such projects and authorized institutions and agencies .

c ) Economic and social development

d) Ensuring transparency and equality of all involved . 

Business consulting in Romania, Bucarest, Craiova, Caracal Olt, Giurgiu, Alexandria, Est Europe