These are some of the opportunities offered by the city Corabia and surroundings, an area in which our company operates. The region offers many advantages such as labor both skilled and unskilled, but with the possibility of qualification, geographical and commercial strategic position by opening the largest navigable river in Europe, the Danube and is also surrounded by a fertile agricultural area.

Europe and the Romanian authorities have identified this area as an important point in the growth and economic development in this regard allocating resources to its development. For this purpose it was created grain stock, various deposits and other projects that are still ongoing. It works to implement economic policies favorable for business environment.

Our company meets your needs by implementing new business ideas and the promotion and development of existing projects offering you a wide range of specializations. One of the most important objectives is to create activities that can work together in order to create a local micro-economy by forming cooperatives and associations with the main benefits of a finished product at a competitive price and the possibility of purchasing raw materials at reasonable prices!