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Real estate agency Romania sell farm located in the county of Dolj Romania ca. 30 km from the city of Craiova, which is organized as follows: – 1,000 hectares of arable land lease constitute a period of land properties 5 years- 1000 Ha arable land of which 800 hectares are already cadastre and documentation for the area of ​​200 hectares Dolj filed for OCPI tab for which there are settling to the ground in December 2014 tier May was working constantly and has a level of 60-70% .From the scope of consolidation in 1000 land ownership has already been established Culture for 2015, funded: – 200 acres of wheat – 180 Ha Ha lucerna- including 50 under the bio-ecology There are no documents in this sense that they are in the first year of conversion
The area of ​​1000 Ha
arable land, 85 hectares are occupied with the culture of the vine as follows: – 40 vineyards has been established by the European project, varieties: Chardonnay MERLOTSI, benefiting irrigation picurator.- difference of 45 beef has to live in the same regime , they are under construction there already approved the project.

The farm contains investiture as a wide range of machinery and agricultural implements next-generation office buildings and storage silos and grain storage-type, but finding it is named in the balance of inventories, attached to this mail.

In the event that there is a natural or legal person interested in buying the company, sold the sale of shares, please forward a letter accompanied by a proof of banking financial
value of the price requested by the seller, at least 48 hours prior to any industry visionaries.

Price: € 4,700,000

Price: € 4,700,000
Address:Real estate agency Romania sell farm
City:Dolj Romania

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