Offer 33 – Industrial hall


Real estate agency Romania sell industrial building located in Olt Romania composed of:
– Field construction site outside the city 10.573mp the following buildings:
– Swing bridge 66,5mp
– Laboratory Stratification 1.468mp
– Micro FNC 87mp
– Deposits of fuel 400sqm
– Boiler 241mp
– Administrative building 109mp
– Old central heating 80sqm
– Dryer wooden 50 sq.m.
– 2x cos smoke – about 10m in height
– Access Terrain-alley – 1.104mp
– Field Yard constructiiextravilan 53.071mp the following buildings:
– Loading ramp 39,5mp
– Finished products warehouse 2.141mp
– Transformer station, offices and canteens 421mp
– Garden furniture workshop 2.178mp
– Finished products warehouse (shop sofas, blades of stock) 2.162mp
– Veneered Laboratory 2.179mp
– Energy machine shop (game, general warehouse) 2.153,60mp
– Garage 2.163,81mp
– Laboratory Timber 2.156,26mp
– Water tank 135mp
– Logs deposit 3.074,64mp – one body (deposits trunks) and body -2.420,43mp 2 (log storage) -2.420,43mp
– Biogas station suspended pool 21,39mp
– Lab station Biogas 85,41mp
– Generating electricity substation 82,5mp
– Station Biogas 253,19mp
– Arable land outside city 5.000mp

Price: € 1471768

Price: € 1471768
Address:Real estate agency Romania sell industrial building
City:Olt Romania
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