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Real estate agency Romania sell industrial building located in Craiova Romania.

The position consists of 5700 square meters of land, of which about 4000mp are covered by a concrete platform built solid for the flow of trucks type TIR. Within the property they are furnished 2 cars that can be parked for a total of about 130 parking spaces. The existing buildings on this property are: -Construction “showroom” – with height D + P + E, built on an area of ​​500 square meters and an area of ​​1500 square meters. The building is equipped with Vaillant boilers with plumbing and gas is isolated, PVC joinery Gealan has made tiles Apavisa Spain, equipped with telephone and fiber internet, air conditioning on the ground floor and first floor.

Around the perimeter inside and outside it is controlled by a supervisory system that allows the display of all activities Each floor has an exhibition area of ​​450 square meters around the remaining area is occupied by a total of four offices, including the office there is a computer network that is connected and the building in which the sale of products distribution a meeting room, office and 3 bathrooms. In the basement of the building is a warehouse of paints, fittings, accessories and special parts. E ‘it equipped with radiators and the floor is elecopterizata. Construction “Office services”, with a height of D + P, built on an area of ​​98 square meters and an area of ​​200 square meters, isolated and with tiled telephone, fax, internet and porcelain and external stairs.

Construction “Storage Building materials” – by regime ground surface of 250 square meters – which is currently willing drywall and flooring adhesives stock. Construction “sanitary and bathroom furniture storage” – by land regime area of ​​250 square meters – with shelves – storage health. Deposit for ceramic tiles prize – with shelves, where they are stored and bathtubs in an area of ​​over 500 square meters (built after land registry) Storage equipment marketing and other products (sealants, PVC, etc.) in a ‘area of ​​200 mp.

Surface deposits total of 2,000 square pordoselile elecopterizate. Deposits of the above have their own entrance and each can be customized concrete platform with minimal cost for each activity (drug stores, metalochimice, paint or hardware).

On the shelves there are concrete platforms solid built for the storage of pallets of tiles that can be stored -rafturi a total of about 1,100 pallet. In its assessment report of 2007-2008 the property was valued at € 3.2 million, but now because of the decline in the housing market made last report February 15, 2011 was 1.914.504Eur. PAYMENT house has T.V.A.DE

Price: € 700,000

Price:€ 700,000
Address:Real estate agency Romania sell industrial building
City:Craiova Romania
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