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Real estate agency Romania sell industrial building located in Pucioasa, Romania Dimbovita.

The property consists of:
• Two natural springs cap.aprox sec 9l / – Mineral water
• production hall:
Feb. 1 (second) buffer tanks of stainless steel food stock 6,000 liters head
March 1 (three) in food steel mechanical filters – filters to 0.4 micron head water 12,000 liters / hour
• Automatic installation of polyethylene blown 0.5L – 2.5L capacity 3,000 pet / hour
• Complete line of automatic bottling pet 0.5 l – 2.5 l consists of:
a piece of rinse bottles
a UV sterilization system bottles and caps,
a monoblock bottling bottles of 0,5 l – 2,5 l,
a piece ticks bottles of 0,5 l – 2,5 l,
a machine marked 0.5 l – 2.5 l,
baxat bottles a car (6 pieces and 12 pieces)
containers Oven winding,
a box pallet machine,
• deposit of about 800 square meters of finished product
• Localization administrative (office) and laboratory analysis of water
• The house of about 120 square meters of work consists of bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and sauna.
• dining room and kitchen for employees
• Other works with a total area of ​​approximately 2,300 square meters

Chemical and biological analyzes correspond to rules excels PH = 7.4 and nitrite = 0.
The whole area of ​​property of 10,023 square meters, which springs are fewer cars above are privately owned personnel (the sole shareholder of the company that carries out such activities)
Water source (sources), is rented for only the National Agency for Mineral Resources in Bucharest, for which the license was issued.
While viewing position, you can view all the documents certifying the above.

Price: € 1,200,000

Price:€ 1,200,000
Address:Real estate agency Romania sell industrial building
City:Romania Dimbovita
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