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 Measure 02 – Consultancy

This will come to fill the need of free services provided by the public consultation, especially for small and medium-sized farms, young farmers, producer groups and small entrepreneurs in rural potential beneficiaries of investment measures of the RDP 2014-2020, which not have the resources to purchase private services offered
Paid by the private sector. Consultancy services will be granted for developing business plans and to implement them in good condition throughout the period of implementation.

Sub-measure 2.1. Advisory services to farmers, young farmers, micro-enterprises and small businesses in rural areas

1. The purpose of the support
– Access for small farmers and young farmers to develop their business plan and to manage its implementation in order to develop the farm.
-development business plans for setting up micro-enterprises and small enterprises in rural non-agricultural activities.

2. Operations supported

a) Farm modernization, increased competitiveness, sectoral integration, innovation and market orientation and to promote entrepreneurship;
b) Achieve national standards and Community;
c) Preparation and management of the implementation of the business plan, including treatment of environmental issues, for: small farms; young farmers; establishment of micro and small non-agricultural; establishment, recognition of producer groups;
d) Consulting activities and animation operational groups PEI (European Innovation Partnership)

3. Beneficiaries

– Counseling service providers, public entities and / or private bodies established under the laws in force competence in the field covered by sub-measure
– Agents of Innovation (is the qualified person for technology transfer)

4. Eligible expenses

a) the expenses of provider fees (including accommodation, meals and transport);
b) the expenses on premises for providing advice;
c) Other justified expenses that are related consultancy services supported

5. The minimum eligibility conditions for providers of advice:

– The applicant is in the category of eligible beneficiaries;
– The applicant is a legal entity formed under the laws in force in Romania;
– The applicant has provided the objects of specific activity;
– The applicant has its own qualified personnel or recruited, trained in the appropriate fields themes provided as follows: has sufficient permanent staff graduate degree / specialized in agriculture, economic, environmental or food. at least 50% of project staff received training to improve professional skills in the last 5 years or holds master’s, doctoral or academic rank;
– The applicant has access to adequate logistics specific activity counseling;
– The applicant has the financial and technical capacity needed to conduct specific counseling;
– Applicant is not in financial difficulty

6. Amounts and support rates applicable

The public support for this measure is 100% of the total eligible costs.
Support under the measure may not exceed the maximum eligible amount of 1500 Euro / counseling service.

                                        Examples of activities that can be undertaken under Measure 02office2enleasingenconsulten