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Measure 08 – Investments in forest area development and improved viability of forests

• Increase in forest areas is and will remain an important objective nationally, especially in the context of global climate change.
• Afforestation of agricultural and non-agricultural is a measure designed primarily to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing CO2 emissions and adaptation of agriculture to climate change expected in Romania.

Sub-measure 8.1 – Afforestation and creation of woodland

1. Description of the action
Sub-measure 8.1 aims to increase the area covered by forests at the national level which will help to promote carbon sequestration, adaptation to climate change, reduce soil erosion, improve water retention capacity and the restoration and conservation of local biodiversity.
Afforestation works until the solid state (up to the first 6 years) runs under a technical project will comply with the technical rules no. 1 (and in case of e forest bodies) or no technical rules. 2 (in case of realization of protective forest) and will be produced by natural or legal persons certified by the national expert in forestry for the design and / or execution of land reclamation in forestry.

2. Type of support
The support granted by this measure is the standard cost, which covers:
-First of establishing forest plantations (the first under measure 1), which covers the costs of the project technical afforestation.
-Annual premium paid per unit area (known as the first measure 2) for a period of 12 years to cover the cost of maintenance and care of plantation forestry and agricultural income foregone due to afforestation.

3. Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries of support under this measure public and private owners of agricultural and non- agricultural land and their associative forms.

4. Eligible expenses
Applicants will receive support for afforestation of agricultural and non-agricultural, consisting of two types of bonuses. Eligible costs for the two types of bonuses are the following
– Costs eligible for aid calculation 1
– Costs required for the technical design of afforestation (variable depending on the forest area, which covers expenses incurred before the end of the contract).
– Costs related to work to establish plantations
– Costs eligible for aid calculation 2
– Costs related to maintenance of the plantation for a maximum period of 6 years (in which maintenance is performed plantation is established in the technical design of afforestation), equated the term closure of solid state
– Costs for two brushes care work performed after closing solid state

5. Eligibility
Eligible lands are agricultural and non-agricultural.
Land area proposed for afforestation in pursuit of protective forest will be at least 0.5 ha and minimal compact wooded area will be at least 0.1 ha.
Land area proposed for afforestation in pursuit of forest bodies will be at least 1 ha and minimal compact wooded area will be at least 0.5 ha.

6. Amounts and support rates:
Values annual premium varies depending on the type of land and the area where the investment.
The formula for calculating the cost of afforestation technical project design is as follows:
Design Cost = VB + n * VM * 2%, where: VB – the minimum cost necessary to develop an afforestation project on the surface
minimum allowable – 590 (euro) n (ha) – the total number of hectares proposed for afforestation project
-VM (Euro) – the national average cost of afforestation of agricultural land and non-hectare (establishment and maintenance of plantations) – Euro 8889