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Measure 09 – Setting up producer groups

Sub-measure 9.1a – Setting up producer groups in the fruit growing

1. General description of the measure
This measure will provide support for setting up producer groups in order to ensure links with the world, both to improve and adapt production to market requirements (including those arising from the quantitative, qualitative and uninterrupted supply, and food safety) and preferences consumers.

2. Type of support
Support shall be paid as a lump sum degressive aid in annual installments over a period not exceeding five years from the date on which the producer group was recognized and is calculated based on annual production marketed through the group.
In the first year, it may pay support to the producer group calculated based on the annual average value of the marketed production of its members in the three years before joining the group.

Support will be given as a percentage of production marketed through the group as follows:
Year I – 10%
Year II – 8%
Year III – 6%
Year IV – 5%
Year V – 4%

3. Beneficiaries

Producer groups in the fruit growing sector falling within the definition of SMEs which have been officially recognized by the competent authority after 1 January 2014 and before seeking help.

4. Eligible expenditure
Eligible expenses are limited to those resulting from the establishment and functioning of producer groups in the fruit growing sector, provided the business plan.

5. Amounts and support rates applicable
The support is 100% public and may not exceed 10% of the annual production marketed the first 5 years and 100,000 euro / year. The last installment will be paid only after it has been verified that the business plan has been implemented correctly.

Legislation (Ordinance no. 37 of July 14, 2005 approved with amendments by Law no. 338/2005) provides the following main criteria for recognition of producer groups:

1. The producer group is a legal entity established on the initiative of producers in order to jointly market the products of members, pursuing the following objectives:
a) planning and production change according to market demand, particularly in terms of quality and quantity;
b) promoting concentration of supply and the placing on the market of products produced by its members;
c) reducing production costs and pricing from the manufacturer;
d) promoting the use of cultivation practices, production techniques and waste management that do not harm the environment, particularly water quality protection, soil and landscape and menţienerea and / or promoting biodiversity.

2. Other conditions for recognition concerns: producer group consists of at least 5 members; market at least 75% of their production through the producer group; shown by the accounts a minimum of marketed production for the product group calls recognition of at least 10,000 euros, equivalent in lei; has a centralized accounting, billing, registration and tracking of quantity, quality and value of production of their members; producer group members are required to pay financial contributions provided for in the Act for the establishment and operation of the producer group.

3. The Group has provided in the memorandum or the status and obligations of members of the producer group;

4. The Group has the necessary management and technical means to enable it to provide commercial and financial management for the operation of the producer group.