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Measure 15 – Service Forest-environment , climate services and forest conservation 

Sub-measure 15.1 – Payments for forest-environmental commitments

1. Description of the action
Forest-environment payments shall be granted NFF forest landowners who take voluntarily, forest-environment commitments.
Commitments entered into by holders of forest land covers a period of 5 years from the date of signing it.
Forest-environment payments cover only those commitments going beyond the relevant mandatory requirements established by national legislation in the field of forestry or relevant law.
Beneficiaries of the measure must comply farms across the cross-compliance standards established under Title VI, Chapter I of Regulation (EU) No. 1306/2013, under national legislation.
Package specific requirements proposed under the sub-measure are:

Package 1 – Providing quiet areas
1. Each applicant for financial support defines a compact quiet area of at least 20% of the total eligible employees, bounded by limits lots
2. On the surface of commitment which is not subject formation quiet zone can carry out the work provided for forest management, taking into account that during the commitment not to interfere with work more than once on the same drive landscape planners.
3. If the employee for the area outside the area of peace, landscape planners are items placed in TII functional type, for which the arrangement provided special conservation works, these works shall apply, except for timber harvesting.
Package 2 – Using wood from thinning atelajelor collection
Package 2 can only be applied in combination with one package, meaning that this package can be applied only to beneficiaries who have applied for one package.
Each applicant for financial support landscape planner specifies the units to perform thinning with carts throughout the period of commitment

2. Type of support
Support under this measure is compensating. First compensatory forest-environment is paid annually as a fixed amount paid per unit area (hectare) and as compensation for loss of income and additional costs of forest land owners conclude voluntary commitments.

3. Beneficiaries
Beneficiaries of support are NFF forest land owners who may be:
A. Landowners:
– private property of individuals and legal entities
– public property of administrative-territorial units
– the private property of the administrative-territorial
B. Associations of landowners previously provided.

4. Eligibility

Compensation payments for forest-environment may be granted as part of the measure if: the beneficiary is the owner of an area of forest land in the NFF, located in Romania, the beneficiary is committed to maintaining forest-environmental commitment for a period of 5 years from signing it, the beneficiary undertakes to comply with the specific requirements for forest-environment package that applies.
Minimum area for ending commitment should be at least 100 ha (according to forest management).
The beneficiary must have a management contract / service with a detour forest forest rangers.

5. Amounts and support rates applicable
Compensation payments, calculated as the standard cost for each package are:
Package 1 – Providing quiet areas: 25 € / year / ha
Package 2 – Using wood from thinning collection atelajelor 103 € / ha
For areas larger than 500 ha, the amount of drops for those areas that exceed this value.

         Examples of activities that can be undertaken under Measure 15consulten