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Measure 19 – Local Development Leader

LEADER is an important tool for Romania to reduce economic and social disparities and disparities between urban and rural areas. The LEADER approach is supported by rural development priorities 6B “Encouraging local development in rural areas”.
LAGs are concrete solution, transforming potential into reality that local communities can exploit in order to enroll in this new approach to European Village development, an approach that encourages the return and / or establishment and development of young people in the territory LEADER economic, social and cultural life of it.

-Parteneriatul Should consist of a minimum of 51% representatives of the private sector;
Urban -Organizaţiile must represent more than 25% in decision-making and in the total population of the territory covered;
-Omogenitatea Territorial;
-Territorial with a population between 10,000 to 100,000 inhabitants, including small towns with populations exceeding 20,000 inhabitants. Due to the low population density in the Danube Delta, this area will accepts a minimum of 5000 inhabitants;
-The Ability to implement the strategy shown in terms of administration;
-This One LEADER LAG eligible territory.
financial support
Title of aid scheme: Support for development projects implemented under local development strategies LEADER
EAFRD (€): 574,930,000.00
National co-financing (€): 63,880,000.00
Total (€): 638,810,000.00

Sub-measure: 19.1 – Support preparatory

The support consists of preparatory support local private-public partnerships for local development strategy.

1. Beneficiaries under this sub-measure are:
– Private-public partnerships established under a partnership agreement;

2. Eligible expenses are:
a. The consultation activities, events and working groups to develop SDL (local development strategy);
b. Technical and financial consultancy to develop SDL, including the acquisition of information and data necessary to compile SDL;
c. Personnel costs necessary to develop SDL.

3. Eligibility:
• The applicant must qualify for eligible beneficiaries;
• SDL related sites overlapping territories are not eligible for preparatory support;
• Groups consisting of partners representing the public sector, economic and social eligible territory, the public partners is maximum 49% (with a formal agreement signed by each member);
• Groups must have a defined geographical area homogeneous space to meet eligible for the implementation of LEADER, with a population between 10,000 to 100,000 inhabitants.

4. Amounts and support rates applicable
Support will be provided technical assistance in accordance with Regulation no. 1303/2013, up to a maximum of 20,000 Euro for SDL Partnership filed as follows:
– Expenses for the animation will not exceed EUR 10,000 awarded in proportion to the number of people covered by SDL.
– Expenses related to the development strategy will be in the maximum amount of $ 10,000, regardless of the size of the territory and population covered by SDL.
– Grant support for this sub intensity is 100%.

Sub-measure: 19.2 – Support for the implementation of actions under the local development strategy

LEADER aims to strengthen territorial coherence. Support the implementation of activities under LEADER opportunity to cover local needs through an integrated, multi-sectoral, bottom-up.

1. Beneficiaries under this sub-measure are:
– Legal entities private / public under measure sheet or statement of SDL appropriate measure of the RDP and / or plug LEADER.
– GAL is not eligible beneficiary.

2. Eligible expenses
The costs will be consistent with those of the measure sheet RDP / LEADER depending on the type of measure and in accordance with Regulation No 1305/2014.

3. Eligibility
Eligibility conditions will be consistent with those of the corresponding measure sheet RDP / fişaLEADER / innovative measure of SDL description and objectives of the local development strategy.
To be eligible, all expenses related to SDL implementation must be carried out within the LAG.

4. Amounts and support rates applicable
– The maximum weight support the total eligible costs is up to 100% – up to a maximum of 200,000 EUR / project.
– For innovative projects (other than those related to the measures of RDP) will be determined by the LAGs as follows: -intensitatea support for income generating projects will be up to 90% (depending on the area of intervention);
– For projects without generating income will be 100%.

Sub-measure 19.3 – Preparation and implementation of cooperation activities of the Local Action Group

This sub-measure will fund transnational cooperation projects (between Romania and other EU member states) and inter-territorial cooperation (within the territory of Romania) between Local Action Groups.

1. Beneficiaries under this sub-measure are:
– Approved Local Action Groups AM RDP.

2. Eligible expenses
Eligible project costs of cooperation of the national territory (territorial cooperation), or the costs of cooperation projects between national territories and in other Member States (transnational cooperation).
Expenditure shall be eligible for:
-Preparation of projects;
-organizing technical missions, meetings, workshops;
-Projects training, networking related joint action;
The costs of administration;
Manifestation of promotion;
-achiziţia / rental of equipment / goods related cooperation project.

3. The eligibility conditions are:
a. integration strategy planning;
b. the project must submit joint concrete activities;
c. partner / initiator of a cooperation project in Romania must be a nationally authorized GAL;
d. present a financial plan, including the contribution of all partners.

4. Amounts and support rates applicable
– The maximum amount of support will be 200,000 per project;
– Will apply state aid rules in force (if applicable);
– The intensity of support for income generating projects is less than 90% (depending on the area of intervention);
– Intensity without generating income support for projects is 100%.

Sub-measure: 19.4 – Support for running costs and animation

Local Action Group is responsible for the successful development of the territory covered and this requires a professional management with adequate resources. In this context, efficient functionality LAG is an important aspect of support under this measure.

1. Beneficiaries under this sub-measure are:
– Local Action Groups;

2. Eligible expenses
For operation LAG eligible costs of implementation management strategy or operating costs, personnel costs, training costs, costs of communication, financial costs, and the costs of monitoring and evaluation strategy under Article 34 (3) (g) Regulation 1303/2013.
For operation GAL, are eligible as follows:
-budget staff;
-budget expert services related to LAG strategy implementation;
-budget related administrative headquarters of GAL (rental and equipment) of LAG territory;
-budget for equipment and supplies necessary for the operation GAL;
GAL -budget for organizing meetings and Board,
-budget for communication, transport and utilities;
The costs of the audit;
The costs of monitoring and evaluation strategy linked;
-budget of participation in the national network and the European network of rural development and other training activities, information and promotion aimed at implementing the strategy;
-budget with technical and financial advisory services;
-budget for the purchase of a car and its maintenance in accordance with applicable national law restrictions in public entities;
-for Delta river transport means in accordance with the established budget in national legislation on the purchase of transport people to the public sector;
-training and / or development of employee skills and local leaders LAG LAG territory on the implementation of SDL;
Under Article 35 (1) (e) of Regulation (EU) No. 1303/2013, the eligible costs are costs for animation to facilitate the exchange between stakeholders to provide information, to promote the strategy and to support beneficiaries to prepare applications.
For information and promotion expenses are eligible expenses or promotional organizing the information, including staff costs, equipment and logistics.

3. Eligibility
a. The local development strategy is the framework for all activities and expenditure LAG.
b. The administrative costs and animation are eligible only after the approval of the local development strategy.
c. For staff and members of the LAG, the costs of participation in the activities of the national network and the European network for rural development and other training activities, information and promotion of local development strategy implementation are eligible and that is done outside the GAL.
d. Settlement operating costs will be based on the performance lag in implementing the strategy.

4. Amounts and support rates applicable
– The maximum amount of support from eligible costs is 100%.
– Local action groups selected may require an advance payment to the paying agency for the running costs and animation, after signing the contract.
– The advance may not exceed 50% of the public support related to the running costs and animation.

                                        Examples of activities that can be undertaken under Measure 19cformareenleasingenoffice2enpubenconsulten