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between farmers and customer

Online shopping

In Romania small producers working the land with dedication and passion rarely or livestock access to shelves or markets in towns and while it is difficult to have access to information on market demand accordingly knowing what to cultivate. Buyers pay very high prices because of the intermediates and products purchased are often of poor quality. Through this system are both producers and buyers profit for the producer knows what to grow and in some cases prepayment may be an advantage and the buyer is able to buy products at low prices, to determine the type of product you want and not least due to the direct relationship with the manufacturer to obtain top quality products.

This online portal facilitates the exchange of information between producers and buyers.

The buyer may choose
• Purchase the product when it needs at a price lower than the market;
• Reserving a product knows that he will need benefiting from a reduction;
• Purchase in advance and thus can benefit from a substantial reduction of the final price;
• The buyer has the opportunity to watch the webcam as work on farms where they buy products (manufacturers which provide webcam) and free time to travel to farms that will enable them to participate in work and breathe the fresh air of the country .

The manufacturer has the following benefits:
• Direct contact with the buyer and advertising;
• Know in advance what to produce;
• Financing for farm preorders funds;
• Can make purchases for farm from suppliers who will register on the platform and thus will receive significant discounts.

Therefore follow that small producers to promote and identify innovative ways of marketing and entrepreneurial culture and business skills.
Registration on the platform both sellers and buyers will be respecting certain terms and conditions aimed at the security of transactions and administrators constant behavior of the platform will follow. Payments can be made online or by cash to the courier or other safe methods.

The platform will provide free promotion strategy for products and producers enrolled since the brand’s visual identity (product type proposed for sale) and to a better visibility (entry and promotion partner sites, facebook etc ..)
It will be financed by European funds and after a trial period with a small contribution of each beneficiary, advertising for products which are similar to other methods for finding referring participants.

By creating this online platform aimed at encouraging Romanian purchasing goods directly from manufacturers, thus supporting the national economy and the environment!

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