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Market research is research that is limited to markets, consumers and effective marketing decisions, its implementation goals are multiple, from evaluating potential, features, segments, volume, market share and trends in competitiveness, pricing and the degree of acceptance, testing and defining both territories and quotas products and services to projections or forecasts short, medium or long term.

Market research focuses on representative samples of producers, consumers, stores or warehouses, or directly interviewing is done by using a questionnaire and specifies the confidence level or degree of rigor in qualitative admisibile.Cercetarile percentage limits are in their overwhelming majority results of market research. A special species is the study of consumer (consumer research) study through interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and even sociological surveys, the purpose being the last analysis attempt to discover the motivations of consumers, to identify solutions to change their behavior they consumption. A market study focuses on the rapid translation of the problem and the content of the final report adapts the theory to specific restrictions and modernized by applying classical theory, using appropriate instrumentation, and a marketing research underscores the importance of assumptions, develop new theories, methodologies change and creates new and complex instruments.









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