Our main objective is to develop local businesses by implementing, promoting and developing business ideas that contribute substantially to the growth of the local economy by providing new jobs and a better standard of living for the local population and not only. It is shown (romanian people we should know best if we have learned from the mistakes) it is very hard to develop a business and if you succeed it is difficult for it to become sustainable if local financial strength is very low, therefore the surest way to develop profitable business is through union and associate and by working with local authorities to attract investors, create viable business plans we can adds the welfare in Corabia Olt area. Partnerships, associations , cooperatives are also an important factor in increasing competitiveness while benefiting from easier market penetration both national and international low-cost procurement of goods and services, greater bargaining power.

A definition that we can give to the association between two or more companies, it is “any type of partnership , formalized or not, between two or more companies or organizations who want to reach a goal together previously established”. Cooperation categories are: general, commercial, technical, financial. For cooperation between small and medium enterprises provides a lot of advantages. In many cases, their only way to obtain access to a market national and even international. Creating a partnership with a company in another city or in another EU member state could help to obtain basic information on the market to find new customers for their products in a new market, it can facilitate access to new technologies new capacity production and access to new funds. Partnerships will always create, in one way or another, new values ​​for all partners involved.

Types of commercial cooperation

   -Merging: the two companies merged to become a larger group that will have more means than the two separate companies. New company will have the largest market share, less expensive and also relatively more expertise available. Fusion is a delicate and time-consuming business. It requires a lot of preparation and legal advice.

   -Absorption: a company takes over all shares of other companies. For the company that buys the benefit will be that it acquires in a short time a strong strategic position in a market (new), while the company that sells shares will be able to take advantage of the power and security offered by partner buyer.

    -Joint venture: two or more companies join together to create a new company that collaborates closely on a particular activity or project. This type of cooperation has a very well defined legal structure, is a great way to organize various projects that have no objective pursued only by one of the partners and also make risks to divide all project participants. In most cases, however, involved a large investment from all partners.

    -Franchise Holder: Holder franchise has won the right to sell a property in a particular region. He buys the goods from the producer or importer and resell them in the region. His income is the difference between the buying and selling of goods.

    -Agent: Agent does not buy goods; they remain the property first. He will find customers for its owner and will send all orders obtained. In some cases i will be allowed to contract for and on behalf of the owner.

   -Collective Purchase: small and medium enterprises (mostly from a country or region) join together to buy goods in most cases from a foreign market or transnational. The advantages are that together can be negotiated prices and better conditions and that in many instances transportation costs can be shared .

   -Purchase the offer: A combination , or ” cluster ” of some small and medium enterprises with similar or complementary activities can come to auction goods that small and medium enterprises would have one capacity or competence to meet all requirements.

Types of cooperation in technical production (technological)

  -Purchasing/Subcontracting: a company is entrusted with carrying out a particular task, consisting of the provision of certain goods or services for it, being called by another company, for example, company A produces a certain part of the product or provide the service company B post sale.

  -Technology Transfer: In many industries with high-tech innovative small and medium enterprises play the lead role. Technology transfer, the company provides other companies specialized know- how or technology, such license agreements.

Types of Financial Cooperation

-Shareholdings: A company buys the shares of the other companies. The goal is, in most cases, to be able to use the know- how or the means of power company sales company. Shareholdings may be in one way or mutual. In the second case, the partners will be able to confirm their adherence to such partnership and trust, and in some cases each will be able to protect against a possible absorption of the other.

– Provision of venture capital: One or more companies may invest in a smaller company (or younger ) who has potential.