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Priority 1 : Promote technology transfer

Promoting business investment in innovation and research, developing links and synergies between businesses, research centers and educational development, especially the development of products and services, technology transfer, social innovation, networking, clusters.

Through this investment priorities will be supported specific activities to achieve initial investment for the development of innovation and technology transfer entities, namely

– Creating, upgrading and expansion of innovation and technology transfer entities, including equipping

– Acquisition of specific technological services

These entities of innovation and technology transfer will be created, upgraded and / or expanded to promote an environment conducive to innovation and uptake of new technologies in all sectors of the economy. By creating a viable infrastructure for innovation and technology transfer aims exploitation of research results and their transformation into products, services and processes marketable, generating economic growth. Thus, the ability of a region to create and maintain an environment that supports the introduction of new elements in its businesses that provide more prosperous population will be developed.
To support these activities will finance infrastructure and equipment technology transfer entities through procurement of goods, services and facilities employed in order to increase its capacity to achieve specific quality technology services.
It also may invest in specific activities of entities of innovation and technology transfer in order to achieve specific technology services companies benefiting from technology transfer. These activities can be mentioned: studies of technology investments; specialized technical assistance and advice to application / purchase of technologies; technology assessment and technical audit; technological vigilance, information technology, health restructuring / rehabilitation and economic dimensioning; development of innovative economic activities to retraining the workforce in problem areas accented with unemployment; pursuit of technological development domestically and internationally; technology transfer and technology validation; forecast, technology assessment; technological audit; statistical analysis and efficiency indicators of innovation; creation, development and maintenance of specialized databases etc.
Entities supported by innovation and technology transfer must provide support for companies served to identify business opportunities based on technological compatibility requirements commercial or manufacturing requirements and suitable business partners (agents, distributors, suppliers). These structures can provide general consulting services to clients and / or expert advice for identifying new business solutions related to the production, distribution, agency, partnership, sub-contracting, transport and logistics

Investment in this area is done to help enhancing the competitiveness of firms. These investments can be made both in urban and rural legal entity constituted by the role of managing infrastructure innovation and technology transfer.

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