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Priority 11: Geographical expansion property registration system in the cadastre and land registry

Geographical expansion of the system of registration of property in the cadastre and land registry

This investment priority will be implemented through a major project that aims to contribute to rural economic growth, social support economic growth, facilitate infrastructure development and promote inclusion by broadening the coverage of recorded property rights in rural areas of Romania.
The beneficiaries of this axis are local public authorities and citizens in rural areas.

– Strengthening the implementation of cadastre systems, including hardware systems, software and IT services;

– Systematic registration of property in selected rural areas through: (i) conducting systematic registration services; (ii) the conversion of the land books available digitally and (iii) generating vectorized cadastral plans;

– Improving service registration properties: (i) public awareness campaigns on land registration, (ii) capacity building and OCPI ANCPI.

– Preparing management strategy and program of studies related to: (i) management of systematic registration; (ii) monitoring and evaluation; (iii) completion of studies;

– Organizing training sessions for staff involved in the project: contractors, municipalities, OCPI.

These actions will be implemented in three components:

1. Integration of existing data and extending the systematic registration in rural areas of Romania;

2.Inbunătăţirea property registration services;

3.Management, strategy and tactics

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