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Priority 12: Technical assistance

Transparent and efficient implementation of ROP

Through this axis will finance costs Monitoring Committee ROP and other committees involved in program implementation.
Also it will make information and communication actions aimed at potential beneficiaries, socio-economic partners, non-governmental organizations, target groups in other Member States and the public on funding opportunities offered by POR.

– Procurement and installation of IT equipment and office automation, acquisition and development of software necessary for program management and implementation, procurement of goods and services for specific activities within the MA ROP / IB ROP

– Organizational and logistical support ROP Monitoring Committee and other committees involved in program implementation

– Specific evaluation activities of the ROP, including programming documents (technical assistance strategy, communication strategy, etc.)

– Specific studies POR;

Activities supported through this priority will contribute to the effective implementation of the ROP, on the one hand through personnel training and ensuring their stability and secondly by supporting beneficiaries to understand and meet the requirements of the program.

                                    Examples of activities that can be undertaken under Axis 12office2en