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Priority 2 : Improving the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises

Promoting entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and fostering the creation of new businesses, including business incubators

  • construction / modernization and expansion of the production / service microenterprises, including endowment and immaterial
  • creation / modernization / expansion incubators / accelerators business, including related services developed.

In this regard, the micro will be supported investments in tangible assets, such as the purchase of land and premises, new construction for specific activities, equipping, etc., as well as intangible assets such patents, licenses, and so on and other similar rights and assets. Regarding the endowment may be mentioned as examples:
• IT equipment purchase computers;
• purchase of technological equipment machinery and equipment including work-related software, appliances and equipment for measurement, control and adjustment necessary activities for which funding requested,
• provision of necessary office equipment ordinary course of business.
• development of sites for presenting business and the products or services advertised
• purchase of facilities / equipment specific to obtain energy savings, and systems using renewable / alternative energy to streamline activities for which funding requested, etc;

This priority will address their micro-operating with a history of at least 1 year in urban areas and business incubators and accelerators (as traders).

Another objective of this axis is to support the creation and expansion of advanced production capacities

– Development of services by improving economic competitiveness by increasing the productivity of SMEs

– Support the creation and expansion of production capacities and development of advanced

This investment priority will support the development of SMEs with a length of more than 1 year advanced capabilities to improve product development and services in order to increase the competitiveness of regional economies and create jobs. The main activities supported by this investment priorities aimed at:
– Construction / modernization and expansion of the production / service enterprises, including endowment tangible and intangible assets
– Activities required for the completion and implementation of the certification of products, services or various specific processes.
– Promoting products and services

These types of measures will facilitate SMEs engaging in processes of growth in regional markets, national and international, as well as in innovation, to boost the competitiveness of regional economies.
This priority will address the urban SMEs and medium-sized enterprises in rural non-farm with an operating history of at least 1 year

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