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Priority 5 : Conservation, protection and sustainable use of cultural heritage

Preserve, protect cultural heritage and to strengthen cultural identity and its effective use

In the context of cultural heritage objects are in a poor state of preservation or are not introduced into the touristic and economic, the main actions to be financed should focus on activities such as restoration, protection and conservation of heritage to lead to saving them from imminent extinction and to reduce the level of degradation.

– Restoration, consolidation, protection and preservation of historic monuments;

– Restoration, protection, conservation and achieving inner paintings, frescoes, murals outside;

– Restoration and remodeling facades fine arts;

– Interior fittings (plant, equipment and facilities to ensure conditions of climate, fire safety, burglary);

– Equipment for exposure and movable and immovable cultural heritage protection;

– Tourism marketing and promotion activities to target restored in the project.

Beneficiaries can be local public administration authorities and central cult units, NGOs and partnerships between these entities.

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