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Priority 6: Improving road infrastructure regional and local importance

Enhancing regional mobility through connecting regional road infrastructure TEN-T

Increasing the accessibility of rural and urban areas located close TEN-T network through rehabilitation and modernization of county roads

– Rehabilitation and modernization of county roads that provide connectivity directly or indirectly with the TEN-T network,

– Construction of new road segments for connecting county highways.

– Construction / modernization-passes with county road status that will be part of that county road, construction / development of roundabouts and other items to increase traffic safety.

– Construction / modernization / rehabilitation of passages / interchanges (building only to provide direct connectivity to the TEN T highways county roads) and construction of pedestrian walkways;

The main beneficiaries of investment under this priority will be territorial administrative units, as manager of the transportation infrastructure of county interest. Depending on the investment objective skills can create Intercommunity Development Associations or partnerships between local government authorities (UAT UAT county and city / municipality / commune).

                              Examples of activities that can be undertaken under Axis 6idee 3en