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Priority 7 : The diversification of local economies through sustainable tourism development

The diversification of local economies through sustainable tourism development

Supporting a favorable increase employment through local potential as part of a territorial strategy for specific areas and increasing accessibility and development of specific natural and cultural resources

– Rehabilitation / modernization of road infrastructure, including road Utilities body in resorts, spas climate – climate

– Creation / rehabilitation spa parks, parks – garden spas, spa climate and climate.

– Develop networks capture and / or transport of mineral springs and saline therapeutic potential (mineral waters, lakes and therapeutic muds, therapeutic gases, sanogenic factors caves and mines level) of spas, climatic and spa – climate

– Creation / modernization and equipment (including utilities) bases treatment of spas, climatic and spa – climate, including therapeutic mines;

– Creating and expanding recreational infrastructure, including related utilities

– Improve public utility natural landmarks and the creation / modernization of related infrastructure of public utility;

– Construction / modernization works (turrets holds) Observation / filming / photography;

– Construction / modernization mountain huts;

– Fitting stations Rescue / Lifeguard, including the construction of new posts Rescue / Lifeguard;

– Marking hiking trails

– Modernisation of narrow gauge railways for rail transport of tourist interest in the hills and mountains,

– Construction of cycling lanes.

– Tourism marketing and promotion activities funded lens.

Beneficiaries may include authorities and institutions of local government and partnerships between them. Territories covered are urban and rural localities, including tourist resorts. The proposed investments should be part of a local development strategy, contributing to the sustainable exploitation of tourism resources and the increasing employment of labor.

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