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Priority 8: health and social infrastructure development

Healthy life expectancy by increasing accessibility of health services and social benefits and improve their quality.

Investments in health and social infrastructure which contribute to national, regional and local development, reducing inequalities in terms of health, promoting social inclusion by improving access to social services.

The activities supported by this investment priorities relate to:
– Construction / rehabilitation / modernization / expansion of integrated intervention equipping community centers
– Rehabilitation / modernization / expansion / infrastructure endowment patient departments
– Rehabilitation / modernization / expansion / infrastructure endowment of the emergency unit
– Rehabilitation / modernization / equipping of county emergency hospitals
– Construction of regional hospitals
– Rehabilitation / modernization / expansion of social services infrastructure equipment without residential component (daycare centers “respite” psychosocial counseling centers, service centers neuromotor recovery outpatient etc.)
– Construction / rehabilitation of family housing, apartments for family, group homes, etc.
These types of investments will address in particular local authorities (UAT) and social service providers of public or private accredited law.

 Examples of activities that can be undertaken under Axis 8energieenidee 3en