Romania’s tourism potential is appreciably with increasing the value of facilities and locations of many tourist attractions. Attention is given to the development of this branch of the national economy amounted to more potent high value tourism, tourist chain activities introduction of new objectives and regions being continuously increase.

  • Registering a wide variety of natural factors as potential resources, have a leading role in tourism development. With its features, our country’s topography enroll at the varied and important tourism potential, it can be exploited by endowments differentiated by local particularities, their aesthetic potential.

  • The potential of mountain tourism is the main component high peaks with their great variety of forms (barren peaks or peaks covered with vegetation, rocks enormous aspect of ruins), a relief with rich and very different karst (caves, gorges) , numerous glacial traces (lakes, buckets), valleys, deep and picturesque etc. Hills and plateaus, the average step of relief, have a high potential in terms of tourism, represented by large deciduous forests, vineyards and orchards, meadows carpet passions or natural, broad or narrow valleys they strung – picturesque villages.

  • Plain relief by the presence of valleys and wide meadows sunny tree vegetation belts, the existence of micro- features of landforms, and he has a considerable tourism potential exploited, but to a lesser extent compared with that of mountains and hills.

  • Meadow Danube and especially the Delta, the low relief units through their characters marfo – basin are part of an attractive tourist potential, harnessed in a significant proportion.

  • Water network is one of the most prominent factors generating tourism. Sign up rivers with high potential, both because they represent the landscape in the surrounding nature and the possibility it offers for sports fishing, bathing and beach. By therapeutic value, springs and mineral waters generates endowments special that attracted and attract large numbers of tourists.

  • The Romanian Black Sea coast offers a wide range of tourist uses, enrolling after mountains, with the highest value of tourism potential, existing endowments turning it into the most famous and attractive tourist region of the country, both for tourism for the domestic and international.

  • You can practice more than ten forms of tourism, as follows : hiking, recreation, winter sports, spa treatment, scientific interest, for knowledge, for climbing and speleology, hunting and fishing, for leisure, photo – safari, adventure sports, etc. This gives the potential for the development of tourism products Romania complex and increased the total number of tourists. Also, opportunities for attracting foreign tourists in particular are increasingly diverse tourist resorts offer spas, various forms of business generated by tourism congresses and exhibitions, diplomatic character generated by Romania’s accession to NATO, Romania entry EU, cultural and scientific life, opening with multinational business etc.

  • According to the development strategy of the National Development Plan 2007-2013 , the great advantage of Romanian tourism development is offered by this natural and cultural resources of great diversity and harmoniously distributed in the territory, which give the possibility to practice the full range of forms of tourism.