Romania is a country located in south-eastern Central Europe, on the Lower Danube, north of the Balkan Peninsula and northwestern shore of the Black Sea. On its territory is situated close to the Danube Delta and throughout southern and central part of the Carpathian Mountains. It is bordered by Bulgaria to the south, Serbia to the southwest, northwest Hungary, Ukraine to the north and east and Moldova to the east, and the Black Sea lies to the southeast.

  • Gateway to the EU market (approx. 500 million consumers)

  • Attractive location – at the intersection of the EU, the Balkans and CIS, Romania is crossed by three major pan- European corridors: Corridor no. 4 (connecting west of East Europe) Corridor no. 9 ( which connects the north and south of the continent and Corridor no. 7 ( which facilitates navigation within Europe ) .

  • Allows easy access to the countries of the former Soviet Union , the Balkans, the Middle East , North Africa

  • One of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe (7th place , with over 21 million inhabitants)

  • It has an important transport infrastructure in sea, river, air and road ;

    · 16 airports ;

    · 29 ports (4 maritime and fluvial 25 ) ;

    · 11,053 km of railways ;

    · 79,454 km of road traffic ;