fonduri-europeneWe need to bring back industry’s weight in the EU’s GDP back to 20%.

An integrated EU economy is the best asset for meeting the challenges of globalisation. We need to complete the internal market in products and services and make it the launch pad for companies and industry to thrive in the global economy and create growth. By bringing industry’s weight in the EU’s GDP back to 20% by 2020 – from less than 16% today – we will ensure that Europe maintains its global leadership in strategic sectors with high value jobs.

Stricter supervision of banks will ensure that they become more robust and can resume lending to citizens and businesses. Europe also needs increased mobility of legal workers, so that citizens move to those countries where their skills are needed. The European Union is committed to combat tax evasion and tax fraud, so that all contribute their fair share.


  • Creating a Capital Markets Union, making it easier for small businesses to raise money and making Europe a more attractive place to invest.
  • Encouraging workers to take up jobs in other EU countries to fill vacancies and meet the need for special skills.
  • Reviewing the Posting of Workers Directive and ensure its strict implementation, to prevent social dumping.
  • Spurring administrative cooperation among national tax authorities.
  • Working for the adoption of a common consolidated corporate tax base and a financial transaction tax at EU level.